Cut/Lap Edge Corrosion

Due to harsh weather conditions and geographical factors, the coating on cladding sheets can de-laminate and peel back from the sheets edge.

If left, the exposed metal will begin to corrode and eventually perforate, leaving your building vulnerable to leaks.

The easy application system we use at Synergy RSC to remedy this has a proven long life, unaffected by the extremes of weather and temperature that caused the corrosion in the first place.

Exceptional adhesion creates a tough seal whilst being flexible enough to withstand normal surface movements.

Gutter Lining - Plygene

A unique system, Synergy R.S.C is proud to be approved installers of the Plygene gutter system from HD Sharman.

Engineered to restore and preserve perfect guttering, this BBA approved system is a brilliant and cost-effective alternative to a full gutter replacement.

Offering a bespoke method, all fixings and components are supplied with the membrane, meaning a long guarantee can be given with the product.

The design of the membrane is seamless to allow it to expand and contract to suit the conditions, without compromising the performance or structural integrity of the gutter system.

UV resistant and resistant to mechanical damage, the weather tight and highly durable system can also withstand foot traffic to allow for repairs.

On top of all this, the Plygene system can be applied with the minimal amount of disruption to your business and doesn't rely on bright weather for installation, making it a fantastic choice all year round.

Guttering & Rainwater Goods

We can provide renewal for your gutters - whether it be galvanised steel, coated steel or PVC.

Combat your gutter issues head on! Regular cleaning and maintenance will keep them free flowing, therefore preventing any blockages that could lead to costly repairs and damage.

Call us today to discuss your needs and requirements with a member of our team today!


If your cladding is looking a bit dull or weathered, or you have an area prone to deterioration due to external conditions - there is no need to pull it all off and replace it!

Respraying is a flexible and fast solution to cover repairs or for an aesthetically pleasing new look.

We offer a colour matching service and specialist systems for the re-spray. Alternatively, you could choose a brand new colour for your cladding that could really make it pop!

Roof Lights

To comply with Building Regulations and Health and Safety at Work specifications, workplaces must have at least 15-20% natural daylight where practicable. Synergy can help you achieve this by installing, repairing and cleaning a variety of roof lights for your business.

With a high impact resistance, durability and high light transmission - not only do they improve internal environment, they save energy and help to reduce CO2 emissions by reducing the need for artificial lighting. Colourless in appearance, they are also injected with UV and fire resistant resins.

  • Industrial work premises
  • Shops & units
  • Car ports
  • Farm buildings